Writing and Art Projects

Following one’s dream is a lot like riding a roller-coaster.  I’m thrilled with the freedom to choose tasks that will help reach my goals.   I’m terrified by the uncertainty and doubt of not knowing if I will succeed or even what tasks might help.  Here’s a running list of what I’m working on!

1) Celebrate Your Wins  A collection of advice and insight on life, productivity, and happiness distilled partly from these blog entries.  Already looking to become a series.

Cover for Celebrate Your Wins! Steps to More Happiness and Productivity

Cover for Celebrate Your Wins! Steps to More Happiness and Productivity

Listen to a short clip  from the book, read by me.  YouTube You Can Be Happier

2) Some new short stories, including more stories with some of the same characters from Sister Moon: Stories of the Supernatural and The Wraith, the Ring, and the Teleporting Teen.  A good short story creates a tension or conflict and resolves it, but a really good short story leaves the reader wanting to know what else the characters do!

3) You can read for free a story I wrote called “Bee Sanders and the Cornucopia”.   No catch.  (Almost all) people who read my stories become great ambassadors as they (hopefully) go tell people about them.   Go to the Stories tab on  My website.


4) Self-publishing (Amazon and Createspace) Lightning Strikes Twice, my full-length urban fantasy novel.  In it, when a sword-swinging ghost tries to kill Jason and Rayn, they realize that their efforts to help good beings have drawn the attention of serious evil.  You can order the print or ebook versions!   Check out ghunterhanks.com


5) Writing the sequel to the above novel, Book Two of the Benevolen.

6) Writing and helping run a location-based story.  This fascinating, collaborative effort crosses several forms.   Players follow real-world clues to piece together a short story about Russell Beagle of Validus Paranormal Investigations and win prizes.  We took it to the Ren Faire in Pensacola Fl.  Russell Beagle is on the case!  You can help him solve the Case of the Midnight Visitors (#RB17) at Validus Paranormal Investigations.

7) When I’m done with writing for the day, I often unwind with some art.  Postage stamp collages let me practice good composition and bring some beauty to the world (better than the sketch above!)   I’m also learning a lot about still photography, and the photos still aren’t capturing the originals as well as desired.   But here are a few:


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