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Weird Weather, or Secret Gardening Technique

Weather can be…weird.   Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, a thunderstorm dumped a huge amount of rain in just 10 minutes.  The sun shone brightly… at the same time.  Plants need water.  Plants need sunlight.  Has Mother Nature unleashed … Continue reading

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Hot Climate Data

According to the National Ocean and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA), the globally averaged temperature for August 2015 was the warmest August on record. For the world. A third of the contiguous U.S. is in drought conditions, while some of the recent … Continue reading

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I know winter storms can be dangerous.  But snow is beautiful!  These are some pictures of the first real snowfall (here) this year.  Enjoy!

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Random Snow Vacation Day

This post only makes sense if you read the last one.  The most relevant part is: (I can’t control the weather, but I could choose to move to somewhere much snowier or spend vacation days on random Tuesdays.) Well, Monday … Continue reading

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Snow Days!

In the Piedmont of North Carolina, accumulating snow is a rare and marvelous event. Conditions have to be just perfect; we tend to get either cold rain, awful sleet and freezing rain, or a boring cloudy day. We also don’t … Continue reading

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And Now… Winter!

Well, maybe not quite.  But it’s the first time here this fall where the temps will drop below freezing.  It’s blustery.  Daylights savings time ends the second freezing night, too.  This resembles winter in the mild middle of NC. And … Continue reading

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Gift of the Day

It was clear and beautiful yesterday, a gift of a day.   I spent some time tending to the plants, and then ate lunch outside on the concrete slab, I mean, patio, just to be outside a bit longer.   … Continue reading

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Wedding and Flood

I’m late posting because my mom and I flew out to South Dakota for my sister’s wedding. For mom, going to see her only daughter’s marriage was a spiritual journey of bonding. For me, it was family vacation. Amanda and … Continue reading

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Weather the Storm (Adversity Pt 2)

I wrote awhile back about adversity, about how bad events make life seem as if it will never get better. It got better. Life seems to usually be a bewildering mix of events.  Even calling them bad or good is … Continue reading

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