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My Ideal House, Part 1

All of this is possible right now, just not possible for me right now. Here’s what I’d get: An energy efficient house Much higher than code for insulation, energy efficient appliances, etc. A solar powered house, off-grid. Forget turning off … Continue reading

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Solar Power After Sunset

Clean, renewable energy. No dependence on foreign oil. The advantages seem clear… when the sun is shining.  But what about after dark?  One increasingly effective way to use solar power after sunset is to have photovoltaic cells charge batteries. There … Continue reading

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Solar Powered

As you can see from previous posts, I’m clearly enjoying some small-scale container gardening.  It’s about: healthy living -fresh and pesticide free taking control and self-reliance  -instead of just griping about agribusiness making bad decisions or relying 100% on someone … Continue reading

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