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Yep, Wrong. Snow on the Veggies.

When I planted spring crops in mid-February, I thought that we were done with winter due to climate change.  It occurred to me that I might be wrong (it happens all the time and that’s OK -see the earlier post.)   … Continue reading

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Snow! Sort of…

Snow, in the middle of North Carolina, is an iffy proposition.  If the cold, dry air sweeps in too fast, we get nothing but a clear and cold day.  If the warm, wet air pushes in too far, we get … Continue reading

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I know winter storms can be dangerous.  But snow is beautiful!  These are some pictures of the first real snowfall (here) this year.  Enjoy!

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Random Snow Vacation Day

This post only makes sense if you read the last one.  The most relevant part is: (I can’t control the weather, but I could choose to move to somewhere much snowier or spend vacation days on random Tuesdays.) Well, Monday … Continue reading

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Snow Days!

In the Piedmont of North Carolina, accumulating snow is a rare and marvelous event. Conditions have to be just perfect; we tend to get either cold rain, awful sleet and freezing rain, or a boring cloudy day. We also don’t … Continue reading

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Let it Snow…

Snow, in the Piedmont Triad of North Carolina, is a rare and magical event.  Conditions have to line up perfectly, and as a young boy, I spent many school nights alternating between the latest weather report and the window, waiting.  … Continue reading

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