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Do What You Can See

Sometimes the students in my writing classes really struggle to write an essay.  Sometimes people stare at the blank page, trying to write the first word of the first sentence of the introduction.  Also, sometimes people try to figure out … Continue reading

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An Orderly World

In spare time, I’ve been playing a PC game called Creativerse, a sandbox game where players explore and sculpt the world.  (Most of the world consists of cubes which can removed, created, destroyed, and stacked.) There’s adventure: as I explore, … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Garden

The vegetable garden is zinging along. I used last year’s seeds, and not as many of them sprouted. Instead of throwing away good seeds with bad, I scattered a lot of them. If seeds sprouted too close to each other, … Continue reading

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Synopsis for Celebrate Your Wins

I’ve been working a lot this week to get ready for my first craft show this year.  I’m really excited about my new book.  Here’s the synopsis for Celebrate Your Wins: Steps to More Happiness and Productivity. Most everyone can … Continue reading

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Track Your Progress

One of the ideas in my upcoming book is that sometimes it helps to list the progress that we make.  Without some way to track progress, we can feel like we’re just spinning our wheels.  This happens to me a … Continue reading

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I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

Previously, I posted on making resolutions and gave “get in shape” as a typical one. Get in shape? Ugh. Awful resolution. What does “in shape” look like? How do I know when I’ve achieved it? How would I do part … Continue reading

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I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions, Part 1

No New Year’s Resolutions for me.  Either I’m going to do something, or not. “Resolving” to do something on the first of the year tends to get me a burst of enthusiasm, which is well and good. But then that … Continue reading

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Tiny Steps

Generally, when I don’t want to do something, it’s either because I doubt I can do it well or because I doubt it’ll be any fun.  Part of the  solution to both of those is to take tiny steps. When … Continue reading

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Seedlings! Part 3, Or, Growing Faster.

Here are some pics of my container vegetable garden, about 40 days after planting.  The plants grow so slowly we can’t see them do it (without time lapse photography, anyway.)  Yet there they go.  Huh.  Gradual effort so small we … Continue reading

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All Progress Counts!

“Without continual growth and progress, such words as improvement, achievement, and success have no meaning,” said Benjamin Franklin.   OK, I don’t know about you, but often I don’t make progress in what I intended to that day.  This used … Continue reading

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