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“I know that I know nothing, and that is the beginning of wisdom,”said Socrates. The more education focuses on learning, not the things learned, the better off our students are.  How to gather the facts is usually more important than … Continue reading

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Learned Lately

“What’s something interesting that you’ve learned lately?” Before every class, I talk with my students. Not every student every time, of course, but sometimes I ask this question. It stumps some people. These are early classes and people have a … Continue reading

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Attention and Learning

According to a psychologist I taught with, the most important part of learning is paying attention.  We learn what we’re focused on.   One key to learning, then, is just to focus attention on the moment.  As much as possible, … Continue reading

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Tech is a Tool, Part 1

OK, now the link to the video in the last post should work…  I tested it last week, but when I went back, it didn’t open to the clip of (me reading from) my book.  Now it does.  It’s well … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“I am not young enough to know everything,” said Oscar Wilde.   Most of the times when I’ve messed up the worst have included me feeling like I already know everything.  On the other hand, almost every breakthrough moment of … Continue reading

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