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Time for a Change

I’m changing the way I help college students.  Instead of teaching at a community college, I will create content and offer it in an online community.  This could reach a lot more people more effectively.  Plus, it could let me … Continue reading

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The Plants Do All the Work

I’ve been really busy lately studying how to help community college students.  But balance in life is important, and I really enjoy gardening.  I only have very limited space, but here’s a picture.

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Workshop Project!

Lately I’ve been working on an exciting new project.  I’m learning lots and making progress although trying anything new creates some anxiety.  Some of the best advice I’ve ever received came from an essay by James Collier.  He said, “Do … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast

OK, forecasting the weather has got to be difficult.  My best understanding is that it’s a combination of reading the computer simulations plus trained gut instinct based on what’s physically observable and measurable.  When one variation builds on others over … Continue reading

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My community college’s graduation was Saturday.   I’m happy to be part of their success.  It was great to see the graduates on their way after their special day.  Congrats!

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Contents of a Small Container Garden

The small container garden is fully planted for the spring.  It contains: Lots of buttercrunch lettuce 2 or 3 radishes, left for bad bug repellent 12 garlic (they should keep the flea beetles off the eggplants) 2 eggplants 4 snap … Continue reading

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Recently, I’ve spent some time in problem-solving mode.  Troubleshooting.  Seeking solutions. Problem-Solving Steps: Identify the problem (or verify the problem.  No need to replace the whole engine if the just the engine sensor is faulty) Brainstorm possible causes Brainstorm possible … Continue reading

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Do What You Can See

Sometimes the students in my writing classes really struggle to write an essay.  Sometimes people stare at the blank page, trying to write the first word of the first sentence of the introduction.  Also, sometimes people try to figure out … Continue reading

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Kindness Too

Last Friday, I collapsed at work and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  At first, I thought I had just pulled a muscle in my back, but it got so much worse.  The doctor ruled out a … Continue reading

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Buddhism teaches that an intentional kind act builds good karma.  Good deeds return to us.  However, either the intent or the result alone is also good karma, just less.   How do people accidently do kind things?  A common example is … Continue reading

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