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Tech is a Tool, Part 3

      …and a toy. Sometimes gadgets are just fun. That’s fine, as long as I understand what I’m buying.  For example, I will pay more money to build my new computer because I want to play games on it. I … Continue reading

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Tech is a Tool, Part 2

      Technology acts as a force multiplier. A lot of physical tools use leverage to provide a mechanical advantage, one kind of force multiplier. I often think of tech like that. For example, the computer lets me dictate or type … Continue reading

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Tech is a Tool, Part 1

OK, now the link to the video in the last post should work…  I tested it last week, but when I went back, it didn’t open to the clip of (me reading from) my book.  Now it does.  It’s well … Continue reading

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DIY, Part 2

Last time, I wrote about DIY and self-reliance, for a person. But it also seems like a country should operate on the same basic principle. Identify the biggest expenses and do them ourselves. That doesn’t seem like rocket science. Some … Continue reading

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DIY, Part 1

My dream house includes lots of things for self-reliance and sustainability. DIY. It’s all just in my head right now, but for example, my three biggest expenses in order are rent, utilities, and food. The more I can do to … Continue reading

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Solar Powered

As you can see from previous posts, I’m clearly enjoying some small-scale container gardening.  It’s about: healthy living -fresh and pesticide free taking control and self-reliance  -instead of just griping about agribusiness making bad decisions or relying 100% on someone … Continue reading

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3-D Printers, or When Sci-Fi Becomes Reality

  The newest 3-D printers fascinate me. They’ve been around awhile, especially in manufacturing, but the new-improved and the potential have gotten more notice lately. You can find a good explanation of them at How Stuff Works.   The printers … Continue reading

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You Know You Want that Gadget!

I don’t resist tech exactly, but I tend to ask if a gadget is really useful before buying it. Just bought a Kindle, and I really, really like it. The ability to carry around thousands of full-length books is awesome. … Continue reading

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