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Maybe Greedy

Maybe I’m greedy. I want a sustainable house (generate electricity, get water, and grow most of my own food in eco-friendly, low-cost ways). The sustainable house and acre or two would would reduce my needs at retirement. I’d of course … Continue reading

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Merry Christmas!

Merry Christmas! Not “Happy Holidays”. It may make sense for the Post Office to print “Happy Holidays” on stamps, but it’s Merry Christmas for me because that’s my tradition. I mean no offense to anyone, but if someone wants to … Continue reading

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Do These Even Count as Baby Carrots?

Second quarter carrot earnings fall short of projections…   Stocks plummet on consumer uncertainty… emergency board meeting scheduled… the CEO bails on his golden parachute, collecting a bonus as the corporation…Oh wait, I’m not an agribusiness.  Turns out, the carrots … Continue reading

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Spring, Almost

After some really gusty wind (the tornadoes missed us), Spring has arrived, almost.   Bright sun, clear skies, and milder weather.  Hurray!  Enough ice for everyone. One of things I’m looking forward to is planting a vegetable garden.  The new apartment … Continue reading

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Not A Rant

Today, I feel like ranting. So I typed six pages of vitriol and invective, railing at the fat cats and lazy leeches, the gutless and the charlatans who are ruining everything.   It was a good rant.   Then I … Continue reading

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Government Shutdown!

I make a point of not writing about politics.   However.   When the politicians in Washington can’t even agree enough to make a budget to keep the government running, we’ve reached a new low. Government shutdown.  (Yes, I know … Continue reading

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Honor the Warranty!

Let’s see if the corporation honors its warranty! Short form of a long story: My leaf blower quit working after 4 months and less than 1 gallon of gas/oil used.  The leaf blower, made in the U.S. by a major … Continue reading

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“The Best Revenge is Living Well”

I’m usually motivated by more positive things, but occasionally, just occasionally, I’m looking for vengeance. Then I remember this quote. Living well is delightful, an excellent goal to strive for, and best of all, it doesn’t actually hurt anybody. I … Continue reading

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Quote of the Day

“Men occasionally stumble over the truth, but most of them pick themselves up and hurry off as if nothing ever happened,” quipped Winston Churchill.   I like the snarkiness of a lot of Winston Churchill’s quips, but several contain some … Continue reading

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And Now it’s Time for An Eeeevil Thought

“In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man is king,” according to an old adage that’s been referenced countless times. As part of brainstorming for fantasy story ideas, I made a quick list of the most powerful magical abilities. … Continue reading

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