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Buddhism teaches that an intentional kind act builds good karma.  Good deeds return to us.  However, either the intent or the result alone is also good karma, just less.   How do people accidently do kind things?  A common example is … Continue reading

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My Ideal House, Part 2

Things for my ideal house, continued: Enough garden to grow about 75% of my food. That would be vegetables, fruits, nuts, herbs, spices, and a few free-range chickens for eggs. I’d grow potatoes for starch instead of much bread. Peanuts, … Continue reading

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Fall Gardening!

I keep learning as I grow.  Turns out, in central NC, people can grow crops in the fall as well.  I may have been the only one here who did not know that… anyway, people plant broccoli, beets, lettuce, cabbage, … Continue reading

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Why Are the Tomato Leaves Yellow?

In the vegetable garden, some of lower leaves on the tomato plants have turned yellow. Why? To answer that question, I researched and observed. Research indicates the possible causes, in roughly descending order of frequency: too little water too much … Continue reading

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I planted vegetables in the container garden 28 days ago, and yesterday I pulled up the first of the radishes.  Yay!  I’ll have one a salad for the next several days.  You can eat radish tops (lots of vitamin A, … Continue reading

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Bug Repellent

Last year, I planted tomatoes and squash.  I didn’t get to eat many squash because the invasive stink bugs invaded.  (#*$&!!)   I planted marigolds around the tomatoes, and they were OK.  Turns out, marigolds discourage stink bugs… because the … Continue reading

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Cheap Therapy, I mean, Container Gardening

I was really frustrated earlier today.  No particular reason, even, just a collection of little aggravations at the tail-end of a great but long semester.  Restoring order to my little corner of the world helps, so I cleared some chores.  … Continue reading

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Wind Up, Wind Down

Lately, I’m finishing up or getting started on lots of projects .  Tracking progress can go better when I’m accountable to someone else.  Quick highlights below. Recently finished: Another semester teaching.  Fun classes, good students! Harrisburg Art Walk.  Met some … Continue reading

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Wild Blackberries Blossoms

Underbrush. Filth. Useless vines, briars, and invaders of yards. Right? Every blossom in the pictures is a blackberry blossom. Every one is a potential berry. Vanilla ice cream topping, pie filling, preserve or jam ingredient. Other plants in the photos … Continue reading

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The Plants Do Most of the Work

Looking at my vegetable garden this morning, it occurs to me that the plants do most of the work.  I set up some conditions (rich, loose dirt took the most effort) and take a few minutes to water on days … Continue reading

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