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An Orderly World

In spare time, I’ve been playing a PC game called Creativerse, a sandbox game where players explore and sculpt the world.  (Most of the world consists of cubes which can removed, created, destroyed, and stacked.) There’s adventure: as I explore, … Continue reading

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People can almost always try one more thing. Just when I thought I couldn’t do anything else, I found one more thing to try. Will it work? Who knows. But if it doesn’t, I will have found something else that … Continue reading

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Obstacles Happen

I’ve bounced off some obstacles lately.  This post helped me remember that obstacles are a chance to learn and try again.  No one is likely to care more about my dreams than I do, so it’s up to me.  Or … Continue reading

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When Frustrated with Try, Try Again

          “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall,” wrote Oliver Goldsmith. I like this quote because sometimes I fall down a lot… I’ve spent a lot of time this week wondering if I should continue … Continue reading

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Bit of a lull recently… I spent last weekend with friends, and I just built the new computer.  Choosing parts to trade off performance against price is a fun strategy game in itself, and now I can play pc games … Continue reading

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Research is Easier with a Guiding Question

Research can be daunting.  Sometimes people get frustrated or overwhelmed.  A guiding question really helps because it focuses the research.  That is, you look for the answer to your question.  It also helps judge the usefulness of sources.  If the … Continue reading

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Apolcalypse… NOT

When I first started container gardening, lots of people warned me about all the terrible things that would go wrong. Exaggerating only a little, here are some of the naysayers’ predictions: A Plague of Locusts Will Descend and Devour Your … Continue reading

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Wind Up, Wind Down

Lately, I’m finishing up or getting started on lots of projects .  Tracking progress can go better when I’m accountable to someone else.  Quick highlights below. Recently finished: Another semester teaching.  Fun classes, good students! Harrisburg Art Walk.  Met some … Continue reading

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Rainy Day Garden

The vegetable garden is zinging along. I used last year’s seeds, and not as many of them sprouted. Instead of throwing away good seeds with bad, I scattered a lot of them. If seeds sprouted too close to each other, … Continue reading

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Synopsis for Celebrate Your Wins

I’ve been working a lot this week to get ready for my first craft show this year.  I’m really excited about my new book.  Here’s the synopsis for Celebrate Your Wins: Steps to More Happiness and Productivity. Most everyone can … Continue reading

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