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Why Are the Tomato Leaves Yellow?

In the vegetable garden, some of lower leaves on the tomato plants have turned yellow. Why? To answer that question, I researched and observed. Research indicates the possible causes, in roughly descending order of frequency: too little water too much … Continue reading

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I planted vegetables in the container garden 28 days ago, and yesterday I pulled up the first of the radishes.  Yay!  I’ll have one a salad for the next several days.  You can eat radish tops (lots of vitamin A, … Continue reading

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Weird Weather, or Secret Gardening Technique

Weather can be…weird.   Here in the Piedmont of North Carolina, a thunderstorm dumped a huge amount of rain in just 10 minutes.  The sun shone brightly… at the same time.  Plants need water.  Plants need sunlight.  Has Mother Nature unleashed … Continue reading

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Bug Repellent

Last year, I planted tomatoes and squash.  I didn’t get to eat many squash because the invasive stink bugs invaded.  (#*$&!!)   I planted marigolds around the tomatoes, and they were OK.  Turns out, marigolds discourage stink bugs… because the … Continue reading

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Cheap Therapy, I mean, Container Gardening

I was really frustrated earlier today.  No particular reason, even, just a collection of little aggravations at the tail-end of a great but long semester.  Restoring order to my little corner of the world helps, so I cleared some chores.  … Continue reading

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Container Garden!

Finally got to plant seedlings in my container garden.  I didn’t get enough of a head start to grow my own seedlings (tomatoes need about 8 weeks from seeds, but I only realized that about 4 weeks ago…).  I’m trying … Continue reading

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Pleasant Weather for a Change!

I went outside for a few minutes this morning to check on the container garden.  The marigolds and cherry tomatoes have done well this summer, despite the record-setting heat.  The tomatoes have slowed down, but there are still several ripening … Continue reading

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Sometimes Life Surprises Me

I’m having fun with the vegetable garden.  After the rabbits ate the lettuce down to the dirt, I didn’t think the lettuce would die.  I knew it was dead.  Then most of the lettuce plants grew back.  This time, I … Continue reading

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Apolcalypse… NOT

When I first started container gardening, lots of people warned me about all the terrible things that would go wrong. Exaggerating only a little, here are some of the naysayers’ predictions: A Plague of Locusts Will Descend and Devour Your … Continue reading

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Memorial Day

Bit of a break this week.  The vegetable garden doesn’t really take days off.  The tomatoes have really put on height and the first green tomatoes.  A few squash have set on.  The marigolds and lantana are zinging along… photos … Continue reading

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