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Change is Hard

Change is hard.  There is some frustrati0n and anxiety.  They will pass.  One of the ways we cause suffering is by clinging too tightly to an old situation after life has changed.  More accurately, then, acknowledging that life has changed … Continue reading

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People want to be happy, and change always brings some stress. But sometimes I get too attached to the way things are, and I fear change. That only brings unhappiness. Life is change. Some changes are even good, and most … Continue reading

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Fun and Family

Fun and Family! I got back from visiting family in South Dakota. It was great to see people and awesome to spend time with everyone. We didn’t do anything particularly touristy or super-exciting sounding, but I enjoyed the little things … Continue reading

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Good from Bad

Harpsichords are awful. Tired of getting the same few compositions on different CD’s, I bought a box set of the complete J.S. Bach.   He’s one of the greatest composers ever, one of my favorites, and it’s great to have a … Continue reading

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Insurmountable Forces and True Beauty

We all struggle against the insurmountable forces of entropy and death. We all fail. But our triumphs emerge in the beauty of our struggle. Some of the only things that we have some control over are what we choose to … Continue reading

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Obstacles Happen

I’ve bounced off some obstacles lately.  This post helped me remember that obstacles are a chance to learn and try again.  No one is likely to care more about my dreams than I do, so it’s up to me.  Or … Continue reading

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When Frustrated with Try, Try Again

          “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall,” wrote Oliver Goldsmith. I like this quote because sometimes I fall down a lot… I’ve spent a lot of time this week wondering if I should continue … Continue reading

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Sometimes Life Surprises Me

I’m having fun with the vegetable garden.  After the rabbits ate the lettuce down to the dirt, I didn’t think the lettuce would die.  I knew it was dead.  Then most of the lettuce plants grew back.  This time, I … Continue reading

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Fun Day at the Museum

My college brother home-schools his daughter, they chose a museum for enrichment, and they invited me to meet them for the day. We went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. It was fun! They have a wide … Continue reading

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Apolcalypse… NOT

When I first started container gardening, lots of people warned me about all the terrible things that would go wrong. Exaggerating only a little, here are some of the naysayers’ predictions: A Plague of Locusts Will Descend and Devour Your … Continue reading

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