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Recently, I’ve spent some time in problem-solving mode.  Troubleshooting.  Seeking solutions. Problem-Solving Steps: Identify the problem (or verify the problem.  No need to replace the whole engine if the just the engine sensor is faulty) Brainstorm possible causes Brainstorm possible … Continue reading

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Ride a Bike, Meet the World

I stumbled across a BBC World News article about a doctor who spent six years cycling around the world.  Dr. Fabes took airplane trips between continents, but otherwise rode his bike.  He saw a lot, and met a lot of … Continue reading

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New Semester

The new semester starts tomorrow.   I teach a lot of freshman composition at community college, and very, very few people are excited to take English.  But most of them are there to pursue a dream and achieve a goal.  … Continue reading

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People can almost always try one more thing. Just when I thought I couldn’t do anything else, I found one more thing to try. Will it work? Who knows. But if it doesn’t, I will have found something else that … Continue reading

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Insurmountable Forces and True Beauty

We all struggle against the insurmountable forces of entropy and death. We all fail. But our triumphs emerge in the beauty of our struggle. Some of the only things that we have some control over are what we choose to … Continue reading

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Obstacles Happen

I’ve bounced off some obstacles lately.  This post helped me remember that obstacles are a chance to learn and try again.  No one is likely to care more about my dreams than I do, so it’s up to me.  Or … Continue reading

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When Frustrated with Try, Try Again

          “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall,” wrote Oliver Goldsmith. I like this quote because sometimes I fall down a lot… I’ve spent a lot of time this week wondering if I should continue … Continue reading

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Tech is a Tool, Part 1

OK, now the link to the video in the last post should work…  I tested it last week, but when I went back, it didn’t open to the clip of (me reading from) my book.  Now it does.  It’s well … Continue reading

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Apolcalypse… NOT

When I first started container gardening, lots of people warned me about all the terrible things that would go wrong. Exaggerating only a little, here are some of the naysayers’ predictions: A Plague of Locusts Will Descend and Devour Your … Continue reading

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