Recently, I’ve spent some time in problem-solving mode.  Troubleshooting.  Seeking solutions.

Problem-Solving Steps:

  1. Identify the problem (or verify the problem.  No need to replace the whole engine if the just the engine sensor is faulty)
  2. Brainstorm possible causes
  3. Brainstorm possible solutions
  4. Consider the cost of each solution in work, time, and money.
  5. Starting with the easiest solution, try a solution  (or start with the fastest or the cheapest based on whichever you prioritize the most)
  6. Evaluate: Did it solve the problem?
  7. If it solved the problem, success!  Monitor for unintended consequences.  Sometimes the problem disappears for awhile because it’s caused by something people haven’t identified yet.   Monitor for the problem’s return.  If the problem persists, try the next easiest solution.

What was the problem, you say?  These basic steps (more or less) can be found in every profession and walk of life.  The beauty of this process is that it works everywhere.

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