Kindness Too

Last Friday, I collapsed at work and had to be taken to the hospital by ambulance.  At first, I thought I had just pulled a muscle in my back, but it got so much worse.  The doctor ruled out a lot of unusual, bad things (like a blocked artery, spinal issues, or diabetic complications) and decided it was “just” really bad muscle spasms.  I’ll be fine, although it suggests some changes in exercise and stress.

Anyway, people were kind.  A coworker made sure my bag with my teaching folders was safe in her office.   Students went into first-responder mode (and they did great!).  They also treated me with kindness instead of as just a medical emergency.  Also, there is a small logistical problem common with ambulance rides: how do I get home?  How do I get my car from work to home?  A student offered to pick me up from the hospital, but I was discharged about the time her kids would be getting out of school.  A coworker actually did drive me home.  Then she and my supervisor drove my car home.  People at the hospital seemed kind, too, not just mechanically doing their jobs.

All that compassion gave me comfort in the midst of a really rough day.  When I wrote earlier about the good karma of deliberate acts of kindness, this wasn’t the follow-up I planned to write.  But it’s a really good example!  Thank you to everyone who helped me that day.  May you be blessed!



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