Yep, Wrong. Snow on the Veggies.

When I planted spring crops in mid-February, I thought that we were done with winter due to climate change.  It occurred to me that I might be wrong (it happens all the time and that’s OK -see the earlier post.)   Well, here’s the proof.  It’s snowing on the vegetables.

Snow on the Vegetables

Or rather, it’s snowing on the old bed sheets that I used to cover the containers with vegetables in them.  The vegetables are cold-tolerant buttercrunch lettuce, early scarlet globe radishes, and garlic.  They’re probably just fine under the insulating cloth.  I’ve covered them before when it’s been as cold as 25 degrees, and they’ve been fine.

Two lessons for us here: First, with a little care, the vegetables can survive erratic weather (it’s been as high as 80 in February with lows in March in the 20’s and now snow).  Second, I can survive being wrong.  I just adapt.   Worst case, I sow some more seeds from the same seed packets.

Anyway, peace and maybe happy gardening.


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2 Responses to Yep, Wrong. Snow on the Veggies.

  1. carolee says:

    And you have the courage to admit your mistake in a public forum! Hats off! Bet your veggies will be fine, but if not, there’s plenty of time for another start. I haven’t had the right “gut feeling” to begin planting in the ground yet, but I can feel it coming!

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