Stressed, Relax

I find myself stressed lately.  Things that cause stress come along with living, but our reactions and how we deal with stress determines how stressed we feel.

Since I feel stressed out, I clearly need to up my game.  It seems to be attitude and action.  What attitude adjustments and actions reduce my stress level?


  • Remember that I have a plan (It’s Plan M or N since the first half of the alphabet didn’t work, but it’s a good plan.)  I’m working the plan.
  • Remember that I have a purpose.  Like most people, I look to spirituality here.
  • Remember that storms eventually pass.


  • Exercise.  I calm down the most and regain my center the best when I walk outdoors (cardio and nature!), but any exercise at all helps me feel calmer, more positive, and more mentally alert.
  • Fun hobby.  I enjoy gardening because I like nurturing the plants, seeing how they grow, and success is tasty.
  • Mindfulness meditation.  New to me, and different from religious meditation.  As you may know, it’s essentially focusing the mind by returning attention to one thing (often breathing).  There’s a lot of guided mindfulness meditation out there, including several great phone apps.  Wow.  This works.

You’ve probably got lots of ways to deal with stress, too.  Hopefully something here helps, and share what works for you if you like.  Peace.


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