My Ideal House, Part 4

Nothing is perfect. Solar panel, battery, and vehicle manufacture create some pollution. I still want an energy-intense lifestyle. Hot, clean water. Computer, TV, stereo. AC and heat. Comfort. It’s natural to want to comfort and ease. I just think we can do it better, with existing technology, without such devastation.

“But the expense!” someone cries. It’s an investment, but my bills would go down by pretty much the same percentages. No electric bill, no water bill, 25% of the current grocery bill…that would save back money. An electric car or motorcycle could add gasoline savings, esp. if I mostly charge it at my house.

Now just imagine if everyone who could made the same investment… Everyone who acted would act in self-interest, but everyone who acted would benefit all of us and the planet.

Also, it doesn’t have to be all or nothing.  Maybe it’s a little vegetable garden at the apartment in the city.   Maybe it’s choosing the more energy efficient appliance the next time something breaks.  Maybe it’s the trip to the farmer’s market, where the locally-grown produce hasn’t burned up so much fossil fuel in transit.  Small choices, small actions done out of self-interest can have a much bigger impact beyond ourselves.

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