My Ideal House, Part 3

Maybe the house I’m imagining doesn’t sound appealing, but I’d love it. Maybe it isn’t affordable (that’s why I’m not living there right now.) Even if you don’t do it, I’d reduce the impact on the planet we share. For one person’s impact, my ideal house would reduce:

  • Direct energy consumption for the house drops effectively to 0 (renewable!), so no fossil fuels extracted or turned into greenhouse gases. If my local energy company also uses 5% renewable sources (yay!), technically that’s only down by 95%.
  • Direct energy consumption for transportation could drop to 0 (if it’s an electric vehicle). Or maybe it makes sense to figure out the house first, and add the vehicle later.
  • Indirect fuel costs are for transporting goods to the store, a lot of which by weight is food. That’s down 75%.
  • There are a lot of fuel costs with high-intensity, mechanized, big agribusiness. Those also go down 75%.
  • No fracking, no oil spills, no wars over oil, 75% less deforestation, 75% less pesticide use would be needed to support my lifestyle.
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