Type A

By nature and long practice, I tend to ask, “What do I need to do today?”  It isn’t that I always want to work, but it just makes sense to get the work done first.  From long and repetitious learning the hard way, procrastination just makes the work and how I feel much worse.  So, figuring out what needs doing and dispatching it efficiently …is very Type A.

Also by experience, I’ve learned to ask, “What work has the world brought to me today?”  These are the things that need doing that I didn’t plan ahead.  Sometimes there aren’t any, but if I go ahead and consider it, it’s way less stressful when unexpected things crop up.  Remember the John Lennon quote “life is what happens to you when you’re making other plans”.  For example, maybe I thought my day’s work included driving to the grocery store, but the car won’t crank.  The world has brought me other work -get a neighbor to help me jump start the car.  (Also, remember to cut off my headlights. )  Seen as obstacles to my work, these tasks are hugely frustrating.  Seen as part of the day’s work, it’s just another task, maybe even another mini-game (see the earlier post.)



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