“I know that I know nothing, and that is the beginning of wisdom,”said Socrates.

The more education focuses on learning, not the things learned, the better off our students are.  How to gather the facts is usually more important than the facts.  Many of my freshmen comp students struggle with gathering and evaluating the facts as much (sometimes more) as the writing.  I’m not bashing them.  The skills just don’t seem to be things they’ve ever practiced much.  In a world full of data (internet!), someone probably has the data we need.  We just have to:

  1. ask the right question
  2. search efficiently
  3. evaluate the data and the trustworthiness of the source
  4. synthesize (build understanding from many bits of data)

And yes, you may recognize that as part of Bloom’s taxonomy.   Here’s an explanation if you scroll down a bit.

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