“Smooth is Fast”

“Slow is smooth, and smooth is fast.”

I find some wisdom in this even though I haven’t nailed down the original source or context.

When I rush anything, I tend to mess it up.  Then I have to undo it.  Then I have to do it again, the right way.  Not smooth at all.  Lots of wasted time and energy.  This happens whether it is gardening, sports, video games, writing, or pretty much anything else.  Haste makes waste.

When I take my time to do it right, things go much more smoothly.  Less errors, missteps, and crashes make for much faster progress, overall.  The more it matters that it be done quickly, the more pressure I feel to hurry, but quality is higher if I don’t.

So where does this expression come from?  I’m not sure.  Military?  Various unconfirmed internet sources say Army WWI, Marines WWI, and Navy Seals.  A character on a TV show I liked said it (one of the swat team members on Flashpoint.)  

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