Maybe Greedy

Maybe I’m greedy.

I want a sustainable house (generate electricity, get water, and grow most of my own food in eco-friendly, low-cost ways).

The sustainable house and acre or two would would reduce my needs at retirement. I’d of course keep small farming and maintaining the house and grounds as long as possible, which is substantial work to keep me fit and active.

I want to earn enough now to save enough to provide for myself at retirement. I’m not opposed to selling off investments as part of providing for myself when I can’t work anymore. (We can’t take it with us.)

And it would be great to be able to take care of my aged parent as she sings the social security blues.

I’m educated and work hard. I don’t waste money. I don’t have expensive habits or tastes. I live in one of the supposedly most advanced, prosperous countries in the world. Many, many people have it worse. With seven billion people, not everyone can have it all. But I’m not trying to live in a mansion, drive a gas-guzzler, and max out the high-carbon, high-energy, consumer lifestyle. I want to can vegetables and use the solar panels to run the stove to do it, damn it. To create most of the resources I consume.

And that’s a dream right now because it seems unaffordable, unobtainable.

OK, this concludes the two-minute rant. Perspective and insight will return soon.

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2 Responses to Maybe Greedy

  1. sincerelypeggy says:

    Hey! I think it’s alright to be ambitious: it’s not greedy. I’ve by no means attempted this method and cannot tell you if it’s successful or not but this post by the Minimalists, among many others, definitely inspired me when I was feeling unspirited: Best of luck!

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