Bug Repellent

Last year, I planted tomatoes and squash.  I didn’t get to eat many squash because the invasive stink bugs invaded.  (#*$&!!)   I planted marigolds around the tomatoes, and they were OK.  Turns out, marigolds discourage stink bugs… because the bugs think the plants smell bad.   Pot, meet kettle, but it works.  With some study (including the Farmer’s Almanac), I’ve learned that garlic, mint, lavender, radishes, and thyme also help keep the stink bugs away.  Mint and lavender grow too big or too aggressively for my small container garden.  Thyme is the right size, but maybe a bit tricky to start from seeds.  I might try that, but garlic is perfect.  Also, I’ve already planted marigolds around the squash by happy accident of buying them in a combo deal and having lots of the seedlings.  I’ve also already planted radishes around everything.  They grow fast, so I was just using the edges of the containers before they got overshadowed by the squash, tomato, and eggplant growth.  I condone anti-stink bug violence, and using tongs to drop every one I see into a jar with a lid might help, too.

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