Learned Lately

“What’s something interesting that you’ve learned lately?” Before every class, I talk with my students. Not every student every time, of course, but sometimes I ask this question.

It stumps some people. These are early classes and people have a lot on their minds. Sometimes, though, people answer. They tell me things like interpolation vs extrapolation (math), rules about elements bonding (chemistry), and that insurance sucks. (OK, that last one is an opinion of a pharmacy tech. She’s taking college classes to move up in that career. When I asked her why she felt that way about insurance, she said that lots of people couldn’t get their meds.)

It’s always fun to learn. It’s especially good when the teacher learns something, too. The real benefit, though, is when my students realize that they don’t just passively absorb someone knowledge, but that they also can teach.

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