Snow! Sort of…

Snow, in the middle of North Carolina, is an iffy proposition.  If the cold, dry air sweeps in too fast, we get nothing but a clear and cold day.  If the warm, wet air pushes in too far, we get very cold (and boring) rain.  Mix it up wrong, and it’s nasty sleet or even worse, freezing rain.  Freezing rain is really effective at turning off people’s electricity.

This latest storm actually gave some snow.  And a lot of sleet, but few people lost power.  The snow fell last, so the last two mornings, I’ve gone out looking for animal tracks.  It was peaceful.  Very few cars around and most people I’d guess slept in, so it was quiet.  Wind.  Sun sparkle.

Just around the woods and fields at the edge of town, I saw the following prints in the snow:




small bird

crow?  (It’s prints were so much bigger than the small birds’)






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