An Orderly World

In spare time, I’ve been playing a PC game called Creativerse, a sandbox game where players explore and sculpt the world.  (Most of the world consists of cubes which can removed, created, destroyed, and stacked.)

There’s adventure: as I explore, some of the creatures will attack or my character can fall down an unexpected deep cavern.  But I’m having the most fun  creating a treehouse.  Well, tree mansion.  I’ve decided not to alter the outside appearance of the giant connected trees.  Instead, I’m carving out rooms and halls (complete with doors, lights, and furniture) while working within the interior.

The thing that appeals the most to me about the game is that the world is so orderly.  With the right tools and resources (all of which my character can eventually get), I can build whatever I want, however I want.  Steady effort yields visible results, and it’s easy to see my progress.

The real world isn’t so orderly.  When people can’t see their progress, that’s usually they get frustrated or stressed.  I try to remember that real life doesn’t always show the results as quickly or clearly as a game.  But everything we do matters, even if we don’t see every ripple that spreads out from our actions.  Be patient (I tell myself) because the results will happen.

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