People can almost always try one more thing. Just when I thought I couldn’t do anything else, I found one more thing to try. Will it work? Who knows. But if it doesn’t, I will have found something else that might, something that I couldn’t see earlier. My path to success isn’t following the route I mapped out. It’s important to plan a route to keep from just wandering aimlessly. But life tends to take some detours. Just keep the destination in mind, and keep going.

Or not. We have the option to change our travel plans, or at least the arrival dates. It’s your future, your goals, your choice. We all learn as we go, so reevaluating goals and sometimes deciding to change them is valid. But if your goals still seem worth traveling towards despite some roadblocks or detours, then keep walking. As you travel, you will find the next signpost pointing the way, a way that you maybe can’t see right now.

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