I believe:

  • People have the right and responsibility to make moral decisions for themselves.
  • People have the right and responsibility to act based on those morals.
  • Not everyone will agree on the exact same morals.  We are diverse.
  • No religion (that I know of) describes judgment of individuals based on someone else’s decisions, only their own decisions and actions.
  • Tolerance is the best way for people to get on with their lives. To pick a silly but real example, I don’t want the free-range chicken people shooting me for cooping up my chickens. I don’t way the coop-chicken crowd shooting me for letting my chickens roam free. I don’t want the anti-chicken people or the pro-chicken people shooting me based on whether or not I actually own chickens. Instead, I want everybody to let me do my own thing. The best way to get that is to give that same tolerance. The only other way to do that is to become grand dictator of the universe. So far, our democracy has outlasted a lot of dictatorships.
  • To be tolerant, people sometimes need to overcome that knee-jerk, reactionary, “that’s not how we do things around here” thinking that often infects our political rhetoric.
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