Sun and Blue Skies

I ate lunch sitting in the sun on my patio today.  (Well, it’s really a concrete slab behind the apartment with my container garden, but that’s a patio too.)  I didn’t reach any decisions, solve any problems, or make any progress towards goals.  Still, the blue sky soared overhead, the sun warmed me, and an occasional bird sang.  I watched the little sweat bees hunt for nectar in the marigolds, which are still blooming like crazy.

Labor Day Weekend.  This should involve some recreation.  Labor Day is a chance to remember our rights as workers, and remember that people before us fought (sometimes literally) to establish and protect those rights.  I’m not suggesting feeling entitled; clearly the world has lots of people willing to do our jobs for a little less.  Still, Labor Day is a holiday dedicated to workers.  I’m glad that I can earn a living and eager to continue doing so… after the weekend!  Peace.

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