When Frustrated with Try, Try Again

          “Success consists of getting up just one more time than you fall,” wrote Oliver Goldsmith. I like this quote because sometimes I fall down a lot… I’ve spent a lot of time this week wondering if I should continue trying to write for a living. I’m not earning a living doing it, and a lot of things I do are more chore than fun (Writing is real work but also fun. Marketing, publicity, and business aren’t fun for me. Sometimes I can find the challenge and enjoy the mini-game, but mostly they’re chores.) Why keep doing something that I’m not making a living at and isn’t much fun? This quote reminds me that success isn’t always getting it right the first time. Sometimes it’s making mistakes and trying again. In the middle of try, try again, it can seem frustrating and pointless to try again. But I only need to get back up one more time than I fall, and that seems more do-able. Anyway, sometimes we need the encouragement, and sometimes we can encourage someone else.

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