Tech is a Tool, Part 1

OK, now the link to the video in the last post should work…  I tested it last week, but when I went back, it didn’t open to the clip of (me reading from) my book.  Now it does.  It’s well done, given my self-conscious belief that I am the goofiest-looking person on the planet.

I’m taking a class at the community college where I teach.  The class certifies us to teach online classes as part of a state-wide effort to improve them.  So I’m learning a lot about online class design, incorporating images and videos, and in another week or so, creating videos.  Like everyone else, I need to do things that earn money.  I don’t actually teach any online classes, so being told to take this training class felt like a sidetrack.  I’ve been thinking about it, however.  Substitute the word “class” for “blog” or “website”, and those lessons suddenly become a lot more relevant.  Useful concepts, tools, and practices that I can really use.

I realize that most of my students feel the same way about English class: a sidetrack in the way of earning money. I work really hard to show them how the class is relevant and useful to them (everyone communicates, and how well they do impacts their success on the job, as a citizen, as a consumer, etc.) It was humbling to have to apply the same adjustment to myself. I switched from grumbling about the work of learning to finding ways to use the learning. Finding the usefulness of where you are and what you’re doing can change a chore into an opportunity.

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