Fun Day at the Museum

My college brother home-schools his daughter, they chose a museum for enrichment, and they invited me to meet them for the day. We went to the NC Museum of Natural Sciences in Raleigh. It was fun! They have a wide variety of exhibits (my favorites were astronomy and rocks). They also have some hands-on labs (Jerica’s favorite was the micro lab, and she did every station, using a micro-pipette, a spectrograph, and a “hand-powered centrifuge”. (The common name for that last one is “salad spinner”, but the other things were the real deals.)

I enjoy learning and exploring, but I need a nudge sometimes to actually plan and drive for a trip. Especially since I could just stay home…. The museum was free, though hopefully it gets a cut of the $2 hour downtown Raleigh parking. The world is full of marvels, and sometimes other people have thoughtfully gathered some together for you. It’s easy to skip over them in the daily grind, and the usual chores need doing. But learning and exploring broaden our minds and renew our spirits. Treat yourself sometimes! Go explore!

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