Apolcalypse… NOT

When I first started container gardening, lots of people warned me about all the terrible things that would go wrong. Exaggerating only a little, here are some of the naysayers’ predictions:

  • A Plague of Locusts Will Descend and Devour Your Garden
  • A Huge Herd of Starving Deer Will Descend “ “ “
  • A Roving Band of Renegade Rabbits “ “ “ “
  • Wandering Thieves “ “ “ “
  • Hateful Brats Will Smash the Garden Out of Boredom and Spite
  • A Drought Will Devastate Your Garden Which Will Wither into Dust
  • Golf-Ball Sized Hail Will Plummet from the Sky and Smash Your Garden

Please understand, farming is hard work, and I have (much increased) respect for the people who grow enough to feed us. All of the things that people told me were theoretically possible in our area, and often based on at least one time when something like that happened to them (or someone they knew who gardened or farmed).

However, no apocalypse. I haven’t used ANY pesticide. I haven’t chosen ANY genetically modified frankenfood. It’s a ground floor apartment patio without a fence. I water most everyday that it doesn’t rain. Last season, some worms ruined four cabbages. This year, rabbits ate all my lettuce and carrots down to nubs. I got a lot of lettuce first, but the plants are mostly dead now. For a moment, I hated renegade rabbits. The rabbits also ate the poisonous lantana, planted to attract butterflies. Maybe that problem solved itself. More likely, I’ll think of something (like chicken wire or putting the containers out of reach) for next time. I’m not a vegetarian. Since I live in an apartment complex, though, firing off guns close to people isn’t a good option. Lucky for the rabbits.

So far, the intangibles far outweigh the costs. The fresh food I’ve eaten so far also far outweighs the costs, even with the Rabbitocalypse of 2015. As you consider trying new things that seem worthwhile, carefully weigh risks and rewards. But don’t let anyone else’s doom, gloom, or epic fails keep you from trying. It might not go as you hope, but it probably won’t be the end of the world, either.

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