Wind Up, Wind Down

Lately, I’m finishing up or getting started on lots of projects .  Tracking progress can go better when I’m accountable to someone else.  Quick highlights below.

Recently finished:

  • Another semester teaching.  Fun classes, good students!
  • Harrisburg Art Walk.  Met some interesting people!
  • Personal Growth book, Celebrate Your Wins: Steps to More Happiness and Productivity  A friend recently pointed out that books make great gifts!

Spooling up:

  • YouTube videos of short excepts from Celebrate   Shout out to coworker Jocelyn for volunteering her time, camera, and technical know-how.  First one recorded… in progress.
  • Local speaking engagements.  Guest speaker with books to sign, hopefully,  Speaking about concepts from Celebrate.
  • Local book signings.  Just starting this one, too.
  • Summer semester

Stay tuned for updates!  Encouragement welcomed!  Sentences that start with, “You know what you should be doing…” always considered.  Peace

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