Rainy Day Garden

The vegetable garden is zinging along. I used last year’s seeds, and not as many of them sprouted. Instead of throwing away good seeds with bad, I scattered a lot of them. If seeds sprouted too close to each other, I weeded out the smaller sprouts. The Harrisburg high school horticultural club was selling flower seedlings at the art walk, so I bought some marigold seedlings. That way, flower blooms are ahead of tomato and squash blooms. How cool is it that marigolds both attract pollinator bees and repel some pests? Today, the plants are getting more rain than sun. In one picture below, you can see the edge of the container I’m using to gather free, unchlorinated rainwater. Seems useless today, but by the third sunny day, the plants will start needing the water. Sometimes we think we’re not getting what we need when we need it, but it usually works out.

Squash, Tomato, and Marigold seedlings on a rainy day

Squash, Tomato, and Marigold Seedlings on a Rainy Day

Carrots just starting

Carrots just Starting

Spinach and radish sprouts

Spinach and Radish Sprouts

Radishes growing fast

Radishes Growing Fast

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