You Can Find My Latest Book on Amazon and Create Space

You can find my latest book on Amazon and Create Space.  Here are the links:



In the wide world of Amazon, if you’re searching by title, you may need to add part of the subtitle to distinguish it.  “Celebrate Your Wins Steps to More” turned up my book when I tried it.

You can preview a bit before you buy if you look at the Kindle version.  (It goes to your computer screen, so I’m pretty sure the previewer works even if you don’t own a Kindle.  Amazon will offer you a Kindle reader, but you keep reading however you like.)  Then again, if you’re reading the blog, you’ve got a sense of the insights and advice the book presents.

Indie authors don’t have marketing departments on staff, so you are my ambassadors.  People value the honest recommendations of their friends, and TV commercials are right out of my budget.  So if you like the book, tell lots of people!

Thanks again for all your support.  Bits of encouragement make my day and help keep me going.  Peace.

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