Track Your Progress

One of the ideas in my upcoming book is that sometimes it helps to list the progress that we make.  Without some way to track progress, we can feel like we’re just spinning our wheels.  This happens to me a lot when I’m partway through a large or complex process… like now.

So here goes.  I’m making progress on the file-wrangling for the book.  Other good things since Wednesday include:

  • Spent a day with Mom.
  • Took the first day off this month!  OK, not an actual accomplishment, but well-earned!
  • Got my new classes ready to go.  (We do some eight-week courses and two of them start Monday.)
  • Relearned the processes for CreateSpace and Kindle.
  • Considered updating to the latest version of Open Office, but decided not to yet because it doesn’t simplify or improve any of the book processes.
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