Why G. Hunter Hanks?

Why G. Hunter Hanks?

People should know my name, not a pseudonym. On the other hand, the bookshelves, especially the sci-fi and fantasy sections, already have several really skilled Greg’s and Gregory’s. Since my middle name is Hunter, I can use my name and still be unique in good company.

Why write?

Writing is my passion. Words on the page require a steady process (which I teach while wearing my other hat.) After teaching full time for a few years, one summer the head of the department couldn’t offer me any summer classes. I wrote instead. After mostly teaching and writing a little, I realized that my dream was to succeed as an author. Teaching is a calling, so I teach part-time while I follow my dream.

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2 Responses to Why G. Hunter Hanks?

  1. I use my real name on some projects but my screen name on others. I love to write too, but I have a hard time getting focused and/or motivated.

    What was it that you taught again? Math? English? Writing?
    Have a good day!

    • ghunterhanks says:

      I teach a lot of English. It’s usually essay writing, reading, and study skills. Focus is tricky for everyone (me too!). Sometimes I make a bit of progress on different projects. That’s scattered but still progress!

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