2015, the Year of My Wild Success, Part 2

So what are typical activities for this wildly successful year? What does this look like? Well, today is the ___ day of my year. I can’t change yesterday. I’m not promised tomorrow or even the sunset, though I have goals and hopes. Today is the day. I’ll make it a good day. Make it count. It won’t always be what I planned to do. For example, the washing machine quit working with a full load of dirty clothes and soapy water in it. I need to deal with that today.

How do I know what to do? To have a good day in my year of wild success, I should make progress on goals. Bite-sized, best I can, and be done for that day. But will doing those particular things work? Who knows? I think it will, or I’d try something else. If I think it will lead to success, I’m much more likely to make that transition from planning good actions to taking those actions. So many people have great ideas, which they just ponder and dream about and never get around to doing.

It used to frustrate me a lot that I couldn’t know ahead what would lead to success and what wouldn’t. I have so many ideas and dreams. Time and energy are limited. So I should choose well, but I don’t have the knowledge or clairvoyance to pick well. Now it frustrates me less. I pick something, each day, and do it. Things will work (or not), and I’ll learn from it all. Then more victories add up. For example, the ants don’t know where the food is. They just walk (in a spiral). Sometimes they come back with food, which sets a path to follow and repeat the success. I’m smarter than an ant, but I can still learn from them: start walking now.

“Failure,” as the Mythbusters say, “is always an option.” I haven’t lost touch with reality. Lots of people go forth without victory. The only real failure is giving up, but sometimes people have to do something else or shelve a dream. This is the last year I can keep on as I am. The books don’t have to be bestsellers this year to get me a sustainable income, though, so some middle ground is also possible. Shall I rally and sally forth to seize a mildly mediocre year of keeping my head above the water? Screw that! This year, 2015 is my year of wild success!

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