2015, the Year of My Wild Success, Part 1

2015 is my year.

The year of my wild success.

The year that I succeed, wildly, in my writing and crafting and teaching and everything.

I’m happy to share the year with you. Time exists equally for everyone, no matter how many people share it, so 2015 can be your year, too. Success isn’t a zero-sum game, so our successes don’t take away from anyone else, either. (There could be exceptions like con artists, but a pox on them.)

Why is 2015 my year of crazy victories? Because it’s time, and I need it.

I claim it.

I’m not in some get rich quick scheme. I’ve been writing and teaching and crafting for awhile now. The work I choose (awesome!), but real work with real skills. I’ve learned discipline and perseverance as my own boss, and my productivity has increased steadily.

So now it’s time.

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