I don’t make New Year’s Resolutions Part 2

Previously, I posted on making resolutions and gave “get in shape” as a typical one.

Get in shape? Ugh. Awful resolution. What does “in shape” look like? How do I know when I’ve achieved it? How would I do part of it right now? Goals need to be dated, specific, and achievable. For example, practice the tai chi short form four times a week for two months to relax and strengthen my core. Or, do pushups every day for a month, so that I can do 50 at a time. Now those medium sized goals break down into something bite-sized: tai chi or pushups today. And they fit into a bigger goal of the long-term healthy lifestyle I want (which is part of an even bigger goal, quality of life). I might still not have it quite right. The tai chi short form has 24 pieces, some repeated. Some are confusing, so what I’ll actually be doing today is watching the vid, practicing a bit, getting it mostly wrong but better than last time, rewinding, and trying again. That’s before or after the pushups, which since I can already do about 38, shouldn’t be nearly so challenging. And the entire exercise routine needs more cardio, but now I’m adjusting specific details. I’ve dug into the problem, and it’s a challenge, not something to dread and fail. I’ve started, too, because it’s better to start and adjust than to do nothing while waiting for perfection.

So take your resolution, if you made one, and chuck it. Instead, find a worthy goal that the resolution tried to reach, and break it down into do-able bites. Then take one or two bites today.

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