Beautiful Sunlight!

A colleague recently remarked on the difference between his “indoor thinking” and “outdoor thinking.” Thinking outside for him was usually less anxious, less stressed, and seemed to be when he got some of his best ideas. We both have indoor jobs, so perhaps some of the benefits are from variety. He gardens and enjoys nature, too, though.

The last few days here have been full overcast, raining each day. Today it’s sunny but cold, and I ate lunch basking in the sunlight. OK, I tried outdoors, but the wind was too chilly for me to enjoy sitting still. Indoors in the afternoons, though, I can get directly in the sun through the storm door glass. Good enough.

Lots of research suggests that people learn and feel better with sunlight, and talking with my coworker reminded me of this. Without a convenient window or storm door, it takes some effort to get outside on a sunny day. A walk in the neighborhood. A trip to the park. It’s worth it! Treat yourself well, and I hope you find as much restorative peace as I do in the sun.

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