DIY, Part 2

Last time, I wrote about DIY and self-reliance, for a person. But it also seems like a country should operate on the same basic principle. Identify the biggest expenses and do them ourselves. That doesn’t seem like rocket science. Some of the same expenses for individuals come up, too: energy, water, and food. Clean, renewable energy doesn’t have to provide 100% of our energy to be worth doing. Maybe solar panels in Chicago don’t make much sense, but wind turbines in the Windy City might. Opposite for Las Vegas. I don’t think I can solve the country’s problems. Too big. But then again, maybe no one person needs to. One person who makes an improvement for him or herself also contributes to his or her country’s improvement. If I demand less energy, less water, less food, that not only lowers my expenses but also reduces the country’s needs. By a tiny amount, sure, but in ways I can wrap my head around. And if other individuals (hint, hint) take notice and take actions… grassroots change, anyone?

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