DIY, Part 1

My dream house includes lots of things for self-reliance and sustainability. DIY. It’s all just in my head right now, but for example, my three biggest expenses in order are rent, utilities, and food. The more I can do to provide these things for myself, the more self-reliant and independent I grow. Also, if I counteract those expenses, it balances out. For example, I could partly balance out paying property tax by growing something like poinsettias. Now I do not imagine myself as some frontier man living completely off the land. That seems impossible. Make my own allergy meds? No. Weave my own thread and cloth? Possible, but not for me. But it seems doable and interesting to:

  • Grow some flowers to sell to defray some property tax and maintenance
  • Install some solar panels and wind turbines to generate some of my own electricity
  • Build a rainwater collection system to use in the garden
  • Dig a well to pump water for drinking and bathing
  • Plant gardens and orchards and raise chickens to grow some of my own food

Would this be easy? Nope. Would every idea pan out exactly as I imagine and provide 100%? Nope. Am I guaranteed that the world won’t end before I get around to this? Nope. It would also be expensive to start, but it seems like a good way to spend the royalties from one best selling novel.

I wouldn’t have to figure it out alone, either. Lots of clever people have worked out bits and pieces, and I could start by studying what others have done. Making the attempt towards self-reliance on whatever scale available to me also seems like a good idea. A basic guiding principle even: do what I can to stand on my own two feet. Nothing wrong with earning lots of money and exchanging that money for every good and service I need. But nothing wrong with some of my work to be creating some of what I need, either. If I can identify large expenses, and if I can tackle any of them, why not?

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