Is Persistence Really Insanity?

Today I’m struck by the similarity between the definitions for insanity and persistence. A snarky definition for insanity is repeating the same steps over and over yet hoping for different results. A good definition for persistence is trying repeatedly. Sometimes trying means doing the same thing over and over hoping for different results.

Maybe this is why in our society persistence is often seen as odd, uncool, obsessive, or crazy. Still, I don’t think most people achieve their dreams just casually poking around at them every other weekend. Don’t get me wrong. If people can be happy and productive without harming anyone, then that’s great. Even a little progress is much more than nothing, too. However, I have a dream, and I will pursue it. I will be persistent even if that seems a little… odd. I’ve written before about feedback and adapting, so it’s good to check sometimes.  Having checked though, I still want to pursue my dream. So I will.

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