Account of My Time

Occasionally assessing how I spend my time helps me stay on track while working on several projects. So, here’s a count of the last 10 days…

  • 4 days on teaching (lots and lots of papers graded)
  • 5 on writing (mostly revising the life-advice book)
  • 1 off (not counting routine chores)

Each day felt like enough. There should be time for recreation and fun, and I tend to run out of steam before waking hours. Other things on those days:

  • 1 day on adapt-a-desk. Because the word “ergonomic” magically triples the price of office furniture
  • 3 salads entirely from my own garden
  • 5 lunches in the sunlight on the patio
  • 5 times I re-learned to peacefully co-exist with nearby bumblebees (they like the marigolds)
  • 7 with at least some exercise (should increase the time per day some, but much better than couch vegetation)
  • 10 with some kind of movie or video game (could switch some time here with anything more useful)
  • 10 days where getting a little older seems better than the only alternative, dying younger
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