Fajitas and Risk

I’m really tired of lunch meat. The expensive meats taste okay, but it’s still a boring sandwich. The cheap lunch meats don’t taste very good, and all of it has way too much salt. Preservatives beat spoiling, sure, but salt adds cheap taste. I don’t need high blood pressure.

So today I tried something different: chicken fajitas. I’m not going to put anybody’s favorite Mexican restaurant out of business any time soon, but they turned out okay. I fried enough chicken and peppers to have the “fixings” for quick lunches a few days this week, too. No salt, except maybe a bit in the tortillas. Variety, hurray! With a salad (totally from my own garden), lunch was really healthy, too.

Point is, instead of just griping about how sandwiches are routine and unhealthy with salt, I changed my thinking.

Tried something new.

Branched out.

Took a risk while learning.

It could’ve been awful. I’m not an inspired or instinctive chef, so I could have burned the peppers, completely botched the seasoning mix, etc. Careful thought can keep us out of trouble as we weigh costs and risks. But burned peppers? Minor. Something low-risk, low-cost added a bit of variety. After a few tries to get it just right, I’ll have something else good that I can cook.

Have you been thinking about trying something new? Is it low-risk? Low cost? If so, what are you waiting for?

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