Fall Planting

Recently I planted crops in my small container garden to harvest this fall (pictures below).   Lettuce, cabbage, and spinach are cold-resistant enough to handle a bit of cooler weather or perhaps even survive a light frost as October may bring.   I’m having as much fun gardening as I’m delighted to be able to grow a tiny bit of my own food.   Both are important.  I like the peace and relaxation that comes from spending a few minutes in nature after teaching and writing indoors.  (If I were a farmer or landscaper, I’d probably choose something indoors to relax.)  And I like the small bit of control, of self-sufficiency, that comes from deciding how to raise these vegetables.  It’s not much food right now, but it’s within my reach on my m0dest apartment’s small patio.

By the way, gardening as therapy is not a new idea:  check out the American Horticultural Therapy Association.

lettuce peeks through the lantana

lettuce peeks through the lantana


Lettuce and cabbages with lantana from this summer


Hanging on from this summer, a mostly ornamental zucchini and squash, cherry tomato, and marigolds to attract pollinators


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